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Circle of Death – Magic-Style


After a long, hard day of work and the kids, do you retire with your fellow Magic players for a few drinks? Do you leave behind the doldrums of the week to embrace the Magic-filled, alcohol-induced stupors over the weekend? Then this is the article for you!

Elixir of Immortality
Today, we are going to look at the Circle of Death drinking game all gussied up for Magic players around the world. So, let’s talk about Circle of Death and how you play.

It’s very simple. You begin with everyone rocking a few drinks of an alcoholic beverage. (I have never drunk a drop of an alcoholic beverage, so I just used juice. If that’s your thing, do that instead.)

Everyone sits in a circle. The first person asks a question and gives the first answer. Then, the next person, going clockwise, uses a different answer. People only have five seconds to answer. If someone fails to answer in the allotted time, if he or she uses an answer already given, or if his or her answer is wrong, that person is out and has to drink.

Eventually, someone wins, and that person starts the next round.

Play is simple, and it’s basically a trivia game that you each answer until losing. To spice it up, keep track of who wins each round of questions, and give that person a point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the night wins, and you could ante a dollar for each player or a Magic pack or a decent rare or something.

At first, you might want to just create questions on your own. But as the evening progresses, you might begin to stumble over potential questions. In order to speed up your game playing, I have included a list of sixty questions that I wrote up for Circle of Death – Magic-Style.

Below are the questions; then, some FAQ-type issues are addressed.


    1. Name a card illustrated by Rebecca Guay.
    2. Name a nonwhite, nonartifact creature with vigilance.
    3. Name a character who has two or more legendary creatures. (For example, Dobby the house elf would be the character if he had both Dobby in Chains and Dobby, Freed Slave legendary cards.)
    4. Name a creature with a 0 casting cost.
    5. Name a noncreature artifact that costs at least 7 mana.
    6. Name an evergreen keyword.
    7. Name a crew member of the Weatherlight.
    8. Name a world enchantment.
    9. Name a legendary artifact.
    10. Name a creature with flanking.
    11. Other than milling, poison counters, or life-loss, name an alternate way of winning.
    12. Name a legendary Zombie.
    13. Name a tribe that has been a subtype of a tribal card.
    14. Name a card that has the word “ten” in its rules text (flavor and reminder text do not count).
    15. Name an Aura that grants first strike.
    16. Name a card that refers to another Magic card by name in its text box.
    17. Name a creature type that has at least one creature token of that type.
    18. Name a nonblack creature that has either fear or intimidate.
    19. Name a card that is all five colors.
    20. Name a card with cumulative upkeep.
    21. Name a card drawn by Tom Wanarstrand.
    22. Name an instant or sorcery with no casting cost at all.
    23. Name a nonchangeling Minotaur.
    24. Name a mythic rare that is worth, near mint, less than $2 on CoolStuffInc.com.
    25. Name a card that was first printed in the Planechase 2012 decks (but not a plane card).
    26. Name a nonartifact creature with indestructible.
    27. Name a silver-bordered card that is a Christmas promo.
    28. Name an expansion set with fewer than one hundred forty cards in it.
    29. Name a card whose exact name is also the exact name of a song.
    30. Killer Whale
      Name creature that does not innately have flying but that can be given flying by activating one of its abilities.
    31. Name an Equipment that grants haste.
    32. Name a planeswalker card that has at least one promo version printed.
    33. Name a nonchangeling Boar.
    34. Name a permanent that always enters the battlefield with exactly 4 counters on it.
    35. Name a card with phasing.
    36. Name a card that had a variant of cycling, but not actual cycling.
    37. Name a legendary land.
    38. Name an Aura that costs at least 5 mana.
    39. Name a non-Aura enchantment that costs just 1 mana.
    40. Name a creature with defender that has a way to lose defender.
    41. Name a mono-green creature with reach that’s not a Spider.
    42. Name an instant that costs at least 7 mana.
    43. Name a white Aura that allows you to choose a color and gives the enchanted creature protection from that color.
    44. Name a nonchangeling Angel with a power of 2 or less.
    45. Name a land that can innately tap to produce any color of mana.
    46. Name a nonland card that was in every core set from Limited Edition Alpha through Tenth Edition.
    47. Name a nonland card from Alpha that has been reprinted in the last two years.
    48. Name a rare from Modern Masters currently clocking in at less than $2 near mint at CoolStuffInc.com.
    49. Name a card that has been printed as both a rare and as a mythic rare in an expansion or core set. (Promos, box sets, and decks do not count.)
    50. Name an instant or sorcery with xr as its cost that has been printed at common.
    51. Name a creature that can return to the battlefield from your graveyard.

Dark Depths

  • Name a land that does not tap for mana.
  • Name a card with sunburst.
  • Name a card with the word or number thirteen in its rules text.
  • Name a card outside of Scars of Mirrodin block that can give poison counters.
  • Name a prerelease promo that was printed in nonlocal language (for example, not in English in America).
  • Name a noncreature card that can give a creature undying, persist, wither, or infect.
  • Name a creature that draws you a card when it deals combat damage to your opponent.
  • Name a nonchangeling Hydra that does not have x in its cost.
  • Name a changeling.


Bonus Question: Name a writer who has published more than five hundred Magic columns.

Optional – Really Hard:

  1. Name a real-life place that inspired the art on a EURO or APAC land.
  2. Name a card from a core set or expansion set with 001 as the collector number.
  3. Name a card that was not in Alpha but that was in Beta.


Infernal Spawn of Evil
English Grammar Question – If a question says to name a card with something, does that mean that is only what it can do? Nope, it can do other things, too, as long as it meets the requirements. That’s how we often talk in English. If I were to tell you that I wanted any combo deal with fries, you could give me one with a Coke and a burger or a Reuben and iced tea—just as long as it had fries. The same thing holds true here.

Silver-bordered cards? – You may not use silver-bordered cards unless the question indicates you should.

What if a card can meet the condition sometimes? – If a card only fulfills the consideration in certain circumstances, it does not count for this game. So, as an example, suppose an Equipment were printed that gave the equipped creature haste if it cost 4 or less. That would not fulfill the conditions of Question 31—an Equipment that grants haste—so it would be wrong to name it. Similarly, if Wizards printed a land that could tap for any color of mana if your life total were 10 or less, that could not count for Question 45.


Generally speaking, I find that card categories that have between ten and thirty answers are good choices. But I have some with smaller and larger ranges just to keep things interesting. You want to try to mix things up a bit, so I have questions about lands, artifacts, creatures, and more.

There might be ideas here that some people don’t pay any attention to. For example, someone may not have the slightest clue who painted art for cards. Or you might have a player who only recently started the game. In these cases, stick with questions that can be answered more easily with newer cards.

Well, I hope that you enjoy this round of Drinking Game Magic! Let me know what you thought and if you’d like to see anything similar in the future.

See you next week,

Abe Sargent

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