Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Twilight Masquerade available now!


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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Twilight Masquerade available now!
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Modern Event Deck


If you wanted to play Friday Night Magic and the format was Standard, you were stuck without a deck. A few years ago Wizards addressed this issue by creating Event Decks: preconstructed, "tournament-ready" Standard decks refreshed with each set release.

Today, Wizards announced their expansion of the Event Deck line to include a deck for Modern:

What's in the box?

Get started with the deep-strategy Modern format in style! Draw on rare, high-powered Magic cards from past sets with this tightly constructed 60-card deck. Also includes a 15-card sideboard, strategy guide, Spindown life counter, 80 exclusive card sleeves, 5 double-sided tokens, and a deck box.

The MSRP is $74.99, and you'll be able to pick one up on May 30, 2014.

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