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Blue-White-Red Takes the Top in Prague


While the Modern PTQ season isn't here quite yet, but the metagame has been moving non-stop. While Deathrite Shaman and Thoughtseize-filled Jund decks are still doing well, the power of blue and red have surged on the back of decks like Blue-Red Delver (filling the board with Delver of Secrets and Elemental tokens from Young Pyromancer), Blue-Red Twin (the typical Splinter Twin/Deceiver Exarch/Pestermite combo), and Blue-White-Red Midrange (featuring finishers like Thundermaw Hellkite and utility between Snapcaster Mage and Lightning Bolt).

At Grand Prix Prague, it was the latter two decks that ended up in the finals, where Vjeran Horvat played Blue-White-Red Midrange to victory over Marcel Kachapow's Blue-Red Twin.

For more decklists and Modern action, check out the official Grand Prix Prague coverage on DailyMTG.

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