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New Ranking System to Pro Players


Magic Coverage Manager Greg Collins announced a new ranking system for active players with Pro points. Designed as a rolling annual scorecard, the final standings at the end of each season will match up to crowning the Player of the Year that earned the most Pro points in the season. Here's the calculation, designed by Magic data gurus Lee Sharpe and Erik Lauer:

Ranking Points = [Player's Current Season Pro Points] + [Player's Previous Season Pro Points × (1 – % of this year's available Pro Points awarded)]

So where do the top players sit today:

  • Josh Utter-Leyton - 79.82 points
  • Ben Stark - 74.98
  • Shahar Shenhar - 72.55
  • Reid Duke - 68.75
  • Willy Edel - 62.75

The scores and ranking will be updated and posted every Wednesday. Are you excited to see the race to the Player of the Year?

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