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What Are the Top Cube Cards from Modern Horizons 3?


Hello Magic fans, my name is Adam and I am here to discuss my favorite format, Cube! For the uninitiated, Cube answers the question, "What if I could make a Limited format with all my favorite cards?" In recent years, it has grown in popularity thanks to the Magic Online and Arena Cubes, but for every playstyle, budget, and power level there is a Cube out there for you. I personally maintain several Cubes from a Legacy Cube that favor's interactive gameplay over power, and a budget Cube composed of cards that at some point in their history cost 50 cents or less. The only thing I love more than Drafting a Cube is discovering interesting new cards to add to them.

Today I am discussing my TOP 5 cards from Modern Horizon's 3. I will be focusing on cards that are new to Magic: The Gathering, and choosing one card from each color that is worth highlighting.

Number Five

Triton Wavebreaker

As the name implies, Triton Wavebreaker will make waves in your draft pod and break your opponents back when included in any "Spells Matter" style deck. Simply put, you could not ask for a more flexible card in a deck that has very little room for error. It is an early threat when you need it, a spell when you have already established a board presence, and most importantly it offers two unique and crucial abilities to an otherwise fragile Archetype. For starters, Prowess stacks. Bestow this on your Monastery Swiftspear and watch your opponents sweat, land it on your Harmonic Prodigy and watch them melt. Additionally, Triton Wavebreaker offers protection and redundancy. It makes your important threats harder to kill and sticks around as a threat if they are removed. If you support a "Spells Matter" Archetype in your Cube, pick up a copy of this card today!

Number Four

Emperor of Bones

Graveyard hate, reanimation, and aggression, makes Emperor of Bones an easy inclusion for any Cube that interacts with the graveyard. This card has three levels that make it interesting, flexible, and a sleeper hit from Modern Horizon's 3. At level one, it is a cheap creature that can influence your opponent's graveyard for no cost. At level two it is a Goryo's Vengeance that lets you hit non-legendary creatures, and can be repeated with some set up. At level three it is a surprisingly aggressive threat. People will often overlook that this can become a 4/4 and bring a friend into the red zone. While it can certainly reaminate something scary like Lightning Skelemental, a Ravenous Chupacabra is just as likely to close out the game. Cubes with a Black Aggro theme or graveyard synergies should include this card.

Number Three

Fanatic of Rhonas

Beyond the Timmy in all of us saying "Big Green Creatures Make Brain Go Brrrr," Fanatic of Rhonas creates an interesting song and dance that is not present in any other mana dork. As any veteran player will tell you, it is always right to "Bolt the bird." Fanatic of Rhonas creates an interesting tension on when and how you should go about doing that. While a 1/4 body dodges most (Lightning Bolt) effects, your opponents will need to time their removal appropriately. Kill it too soon and it will return bigger and stronger than before. Kill it too late, and you risk opening the door to bigger and more powerful threats. Personally. I would advise anyone who favors fun gameplay over raw power to include Fanatic of Rhonas over Sylvan Caryatid in their list. While both are powerful, hexproof is rarely fun and though it is hard to kill, you can still "Swords the Snake."

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Number Two

Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd

Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd aka "The goodest doggo," is an adorable powerhouse that will win games if left unchecked. Besides having pseudo Indestructible, due to the lingering question of "who would kill such an adorable puppy?" Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd provides the redundancy that "Blink" Archetypes in Cubes need. Outside of Soulherder this is the best repeatable way to blink your own permanents, but not only that, it can disrupt your opponents board too. If you resolve this creature early, Phelia, Exuberant Shepherd can remove blockers, provide extra value from cards like Recruiter of the Guard, scale to the late game and even reset the powerful enchantment based removal when needed.

Number One

Reckless Pyrosurfer

For our final card we go from the goodest dog to the raddest pyromancer in the multiverse. Reckless Pyrosurfer is a fun, unique, and easily included card for decks looking to accelerate on lands or turn creatures sideways. At its base level, this card will generally be a two-mana, 2/2 with haste and battle cry on most early turns of the game. If your deck is running fetch lands like the recently reprinted Wooded Foothills, it's easy to stack those triggers and turn one/1 tokens into 3/1 nightmares. In a pinch, Reckless Pyrosurfer can even serve as a replacement to Valuk, the Molten Pinnacle or Craterhoof Behemoth with a well timed Scapeshift. Reckless Pyrosurfer is a card that your opponents will feel obligated to answer early or risk losing the game.

Modern Horizon's 3 printed a lot of fun and exciting cards that can fit any Cube's playstyle and power level. It gave a huge bump to many existing Archetypes, and provided enough support to flush out previously underpowered ones. Obviously, there isn't time to discuss every great card from Modern Horizon's 3, so tell me, what cards did I miss? What card are you most excited to include in your list?

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