Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction available today!


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Magic: The Gathering Outlaws of Thunder Junction available today!
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2012 Grand Prix Schedule


Just announced on the live Pro Tour Dark Ascension coverage was the remaining schedule for Grands Prix through 2012! From Moscow to Auckland, the globe is set to spin with Magic!

Additionally, the final Pro Tour of the year will be held in Seattle on October 19 through the 21st!

City Country Dates
San Jose Costa Rica September 15-16, 2012
Moscow Russian Federation September 15-16, 2012
Charleston USA September 15-16, 2012
San Francisco USA October 13-14, 2012
Philadelphia USA October 27-28, 2012
Lyon France November 3-4, 2012
Auckland New Zealand November 3-4, 2012
Chicago USA November 10-11, 2012
Bochum Germany November 17-18, 2012
Taipei Taiwan November 24-25, 2012
San Antonio USA November 24-25, 2012
Lisbon Portugal December 1-2, 2012
Toronto Canada December 8-9, 2012
Nagoya Japan December 8-9, 2012

I'm more than a little excited for both the awesome cities, domestic and international, as well as the return of the Pro Tour to Seattle. 2012 is booked solid as one of the best years yet for Magic!

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