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Guests of Honor at Gathering’s Magic Pre–Gen Con Bash


Whether you’re attending Gen Con or know some friends who are, chances are you arrive on Wednesday. For some, it’s a day of rest to gear up for the best four days in gaming. Travel can be tough, after all.

For those in the know, Wednesday night is one of the best nights to get a head start on the festivities at our annual party at Kilroy’s Downtown Indy.

What makes this event awesome?

Guests of Honor

Christine Sprankle

Christine Sprankle is a renown Magic cosplayer who has brought Elspeth, Chandra, Liliana, and more to life. Her passion for design leads her to continuously develop new characters and designs: You’ll never know what she’ll show off next.

Eric Klug

Eric Klug is an artist best known in the community for his altering work. A graduate of the Corcoran School of Art and Design, Eric has put his creative talents to work visually with art and alterations as well as designing Cubes.

Andre Garcia

Andre Garcia is an artist and illustrator hard at work in the gaming industry. With box art, card design, and illustrations for several upcoming releases by Grey Fox Games, as well as high-resolution art for HC&D Game Supplies, Andre gladly lent his talents to creating the Gathering Magic play mat. (And thanks to Grey Fox Games, his art is also featured on all of Gathering Magic’s new tokens, too.)

Mats and Tokens

Play mats, both Gathering Magic’s and unreleased mats from HC&D’s lines, will be part of the ongoing giveaways all night, and everyone will receive a packet of Gathering Magic’s tokens just for stopping by!

Circle of Protection: Art

There's one more guest of honor: An artist that is one of Magic’s most famous and sought-after, with well over a decade of art, illustration, publication, and awards across it all. If you’ve ever wanted to brush shoulders with one of the game’s iconic contributors, this will be the place. (And, no, this isn't the artist of the piece above.) [Editor's Note: This is a social event. Cards to be signed should wait for the usual means at Gen Con proper. There won't be a booth set up, but instead you'll have all night to chat and ask questions. Consider it a tradeoff.]

Last Time

For a peek at what last year’s smaller affair entailed, check out the recap video Rich Castle of Inside the Deck put together:

Event Schedule

Sign up or take a closer look at all the details on our official event page:

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