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Shuhei Nakamura Shocks No One At Grand Prix Dallas/Fort Worth


Shuhei Nakamura put on a show worthy of his Hall of Fame status over the weekend at Grand Prix Dallas/Fort Worth: With what looked like effortless ease he demolished a stacked Top 8 without losing a single game, defeating Ross Merriam in the finals.

The first showing of Magic Origins Limited at a high level was also the final showdown between Alexander Hayne and Pascal Maynard, each competing to secure the most uncapped Pro Points earned from Grand Prix this Pro Tour year. In the end, Hayne outlasted Maynard in earning wins on Day 2 to emerge with the invitation secured. #HaynevMaynard was just one of the many races for points that have come to a head in the lead up to Pro Tour Magic Origins.

Congratulations to Shuhei Nakamura, winner of Grand Prix Dallas/Fort Worth! Check out the full story, including more deck lists and interviews, with the complete coverage on MagicTheGathering.com!

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