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Frye, Martin, and Ho Ring in 2018 with a Win


It's a new year and the Grand Prix circuit has not missed a beat. The first event of 2018 was Team Trio Constructed at Grand Prix Santa Clara. In this tournament teams of three would battle with each pilot taking a deck from a different format - Standard, Modern, and Legacy - to battle. Snowstorms and frigid weather in the American Northeast wrecked havoc on travel plans but just under 500 teams showed up to play for the right to attend the 25th Anniversary Team Pro Tour.

In the past teams laden with professional players and Pro Tour regulars have dominated these events. Santa Clara was different. While the top tables did have names, the winning team are relative unknowns. William Ho piloted Four-Color Energy in Standard, John Martin had Dredge in Modern, and Jeremy Frye played Grixis Delver in Legacy. The finals were a tense affair. Frye lost his match to Jonathan Anghelescu on Sneak and Show while Martin beat Vidianto Wijaya's White-Blue Control, all in two game matches. Ho was up against Logan Nettles and it looked like a game three was imminent when Nettles cast River's Rebuke. Ho was nonplussed and battled back to the game and match victory.

Congratulations to William Ho, John Martin, and Jeremy Frye!

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