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Grand Prix Stops in London and Houston


Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan is under a week away and with Grand Prix in London and Houstonwe got our first look at Limited with two packs of Rivals of Ixalan. First up was London.

A short flight from Bilbao, the sight of next week's Pro Tour, Grand Prix London was jam packed with Pros on their way to the big show. This was reflected in a Top 8 that featured three players in the Top 25 - Steve Rubin, Brad Nelson, and number one ranked Seth Manfield - as well as Mark Jacobson and Eduardo Sajgalik. But it was the Silver Pro Marcelino Freeman of Mexico who won the day. He did not have an easy path, having to go through Jacobson, Manfield, and Rubin. Congratulations to Marcelino Freeman, you Grand Prix London champion!

At the time of publication the Top 8 of Grand Prix Houston was still underway. While the event in Texas had fewer star names, the Top 8 did feature Joe Demestrio in his second straight Grand Prix Top 8.

Update: Mexico took home two titles this weekend as Axel Martinez-Ocampo, a former Mexican National Champion, took home the trophy on Houston.

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