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Dan Ward Dominates Grand Prix Toronto


With Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan in the rear view mirror, fans of Modern turned to Grand Prix Toronto. The incredibly diverse Modern format was on display for the second week in a row and the tournament did not disappoint. The Top 8 featured seven different archetypes - only Burn showed up more than once - and only one deck, Traverse Shadow, was a repeat from the Top 8 in Bilbao.

The finals saw Jon Stern piloting Burn against Dan Ward on Bogles. Stern had a strong run at the Pro Tour with Burn only to stumble down the stretch and fallout of Top 8 contention. Ward, on the other hand, went undefeated on Day One of the Grand Prix. Ward won a quick game one thanks to Daybreak Coronet but lost to Stern's sideboard copies of Ensnaring Bridge in the second bout. The Bridge came down in game three but it fell to Seal of Primordium and Ward trampled over for victory.

Congratulations Dan Ward, your Grand Prix Toronto Champion!

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