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Channel Fireball Events to be Exclusive Global Grand Prix Partner


Today Helene Bergeot announced that starting in 2018 that ChannelFireball Events (CFBE) would be the "exclusive global partner to run all Grand Prix." ChannelFireball Events is a partnership between ChannelFireball and Siteline Productions. Siteline productions has worked with Wizards on their experiences at the Pro Tour and PAX West in the past.

From Bergeot:

Our goal is to make our Grand Prix Events exciting, memorable experiences for our fans around the globe while continuing to grow the program. Grand Prix are our largest gatherings for players and gamers who want to experience and enjoy Magic in all of its forms—from competitive players seeking to earn prizes and Pro Points and to qualify for the Pro Tour through the main event, all the way to players who come for the fun, friendship, and side events. We know CFBE can deliver on that experience for players everywhere.

The community has already started to chime in on the change:

What do you think of the change? Are you more likely to attend a Grand Prix knowing it will be hosted by ChannelFireball Events?

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