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Update to Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Draft


Days away from the start of Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad, a change to the operations associated with the Draft rounds has been announced. Due to the presence of Double Faced Cards, all boosters at this Pro Tour will be pre-sleeved.

This announcement came in the wake of some professional players, notably Hall of Famer Jon Finkel, noting that some players may have an advantage depending on the shape of the table and their particular seat.

Reaction has trended towards positive, but there has been some pushback due to the proximity of the announcement to the start of the tournament.

The question remains if this policy will remain in effect for Professional level events featuring Shadows over Innistrad moving forward and what effect, if any, this will have on Local Game Store drafts.

Update: Judge Toby Elliott posted this Tweet after the initial post went live:

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