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Toronto and Kyoto Kick Off Hour of Devastation Limited


Pro Tour Hour of Devastation is only a few days away. This weekend saw two Grand Prix featuring the new set in both Sealed and Draft. The first tournament took place in Kyoto, Japan; the host city for the next Pro Tour. The second Grand Prix of the weekend took place in Toronto, Canada. Both events gave insight into what awaits the top tables of next week's Pro Tour.

Grand Prix Kyoto had a star laden Top 8. Martin Mueller made the semifinals and clinched Platinum status for himself while Pascal Maynard made yet another Grand Prix final table. Jon Finkel also made it to the elimination rounds - a first for him this century. While the Hall of Famer has multiple Pro Tour Top 8s, including a win in the 21st Century, this was his first individual Grand Prix Top 8 since the calendar turned. He could not convert it to a victory as he fell to eventual champion, and fellow member of the Hall of Fame William "Huey" Jensen. This makes it back-to-back Grand Prix victories for Jensen as he recently hoisted the trophy at Grand Prix Cleveland with his team the Peach Garden Oath.

The Top 8 Grand Prix Toronto may not have matched the number of Hall of Fame rings on display in Kyoto, but it was packed with power nonetheless. Doug Potter, Ben Weitz, and Andrew Cuneo all made it to the Sunday stage to draft Hour of Devastation and Amonkhet. But it was Robert Anderson who added a title to his resume as he defeated Allen Sun in the finals.

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