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Magic at PAX West Schedule Released


Last year Eldrazi took over the streets of Seattle. This year the Magic presence at PAX West is going to have a very different feel. After the apocalyptic settings of Battle for Zendikar and Shadows over Innistrad, Kaladesh's tagline of "Invent Your Tomorrow" takes on a refreshingly optimistic tone.

With Kaladeshas the focal point, Wizards will be taking over the Paramount Theater and the street outside. The theater will host multiple events while the outdoor area will be playing home to the Street Fair, highlighting the "wonder and whimsy" of Chandra's home plane.

The World Championships will once again be taking place at PAXC West with competition on all three days. Day 1 will feature Standard and Draft. Day 2 will consist of Draft while Day 3 is all Modern and the cut to the Top 4, which will take place on Sunday. Coverage will be streamed to twitch.tv/magic.

It wouldn't be PAX without panels and Wizards has plenty. The complete list can be found here and these will be broadcast on twitch.tv/magic. This year includes a panel where players form the Pro Tour will give their insight into officially spoiled cards from Kaladesh.

ChannelFireball will be hosting public events including an Inventor's League. This event will provide a participant with two 30-card sample decks from which they will construct a deck for the league. More details of these events can be found here.

PAX West is shaping up to be a bigger event this year than last and demonstrate's Wizards commitment to making Magic an experience and not just a game. Magic at PAX West will take place September 1st-5th in Seattle.

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