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HASCON Panel Schedule Released


As HASCON draws near we are getting more details about the event. Today the panel schedule was released along side some of the other events fans of Magic can expect this September.

First up the are the panels. These include hits such as Blogatog Live with Mark Rosewater and a World Building session focusing on both Magic and Dungeons & Dragons.

The weekend will be full of previews, including the first chance to see Iconic Masters and Ixalan. We will get our first look at Magic: The Gathering Arena, the new digital offering, on September 7 (live on stream at a time to be determined. The announcement also discusses prizes available through events. These include the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Planeswalkers and oversized Ixalan cards.

HASCON represents a shift for Wizards. Normally content to showcase their brand at events like PAX and San Diego ComicCon, HASCON is a chance for Wizards of the Coast to put Magic at the forefront. How do you feel about this change? Is HASCON the Magic convention that Grand Prix aspire to be?

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