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Brian Braun-Duin is Your 2016 Magic World Champion


It all started with a sweat in Sydney. Brian Braun-Duin had all but clinched the title of Grand Prix Master and an invitation to the 2016 Magic World Championship. All he needed was for the reigning World Champion, Seth Manfield, to not make the finals. Manfield worked the nerves by making it to the Top 8 and winning his Quarterfinal match. When Scott Lipp eliminated Seth in the Semifinals Brian could finally breathe - he had clinched his spot at the World Championship.

Braun-Duin made the most of his invitation. He was tied for first at the end of Day 1 with Marcio Carvalho and never looked back. As Day 3 drew to a close and he found himself locked for the elimination rounds Brian continued to play and locked himself as the top seed. Joining him in the Top 4 was his co-leader from Day 1, Marcio Carvalho, Oliver Tiu, and Hall of Famer Shota Yasooka. Sitting just outside the Top 4 were Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Champion Lucas Blohon and Hall of Famer Luis Scott-Vargas in his last event before taking a year off to join the coverage team.

Brian Braun-Duin made quick work of Shota Yasooka in a Bant semi-mirror with Brian on Bant Humans and Shota on Bant Company. On the other half of the bracket Marcio and Bant Company toppled Oliver Tiu on Turbo Emrakul in four games.

The finals came down to two Collected Company decks. The card has been everywhere since it was printed in Dragons of Tarkir and it was only fitting to have it help decide the season. Games one and two were over quickly with the finalists splitting the games. Going into game three on the draw, Braun-Duinwas able to catch up with two copies of Knight of the White Orchard. The battlefield was clogged with creatures with each player taking advantage of swingy cards and powerful plays. Braun-Duin found his Tragic Arrogance in the first sideboarded game and managed to ride the board wipe to victory after 67 minutes.

Game four was setting up to be another slog. Both Brian and Marcio had plenty of creatures and there were Planeswalkers on both sides of the battlefield. Again, Braun-Duin found a Tragic Arrogance and managed to take over the game with a massive Thalia's Lieutenant. Carvalho had to crack multiple Clues on what would be the final turn to find his own copy of the powerful sorcery but it was not to be. He saw the top card, extended his hand, and Magic had its latest World Champion.

The entire Gathering Magic team would like to congratulate the 2016 Magic World Champion Brian Braun-Duin!

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