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Enevoldsen, Larsen, and Bonde win Grand Prix Lyon


Team Grand Prix, once rare highlights of the circuit, have become far more common. In the run up to the team Pro Tour marking Magic's 25th Anniversary the schedule has been littered with events where game are no longer one-on-one. But Grand Prix Lyon was not just a run up to next summer but a preview for next week's World Magic Cup.

The Grand Prix proved memorable. After starting 0-2, the team of Thomas Enevoldsen, Christoffer Larsen, and Michael Bonde rattled off 12 straight match wins to make it to the Top 4. From there, the two match wins needed to secure the trophy was a relatively short journey. Making the Top 4 of any event is a victory unto itself but doing so after any loss would end their tournament is something special indeed.

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