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Kentaro Yamamoto Wins Grand Prix Chiba


There's something about a Legacy Grand Prix and Chiba was no different. The main event started with 2,503 players and day two clocked in at 749. Sunday ended with Pro Tour Top 8 competitor Kentaro Yamamoto clutching the trophy.

The Top 8 featured three copies of Miracles. The deck, considered by many to be the best deck in Legacy and given that Hall of Famer Yuuya Wantanabe was spinning Sensei's Divining Top it's possible he agrees. The next most popular deck was Sneak and Show with two pilots (including Yamamoto). Storm, Elves, and Death and Taxes rounded out the elimination rounds.

The diversity was further reduced in the semifinals as Atsuki Kihara defeated Wantanabe in a mirror match while Yamamoto took out Keisuke Sato and his copies of Sneak Attack. Yamamoto took full advantage of being on the play in Game 1 with a turn one Show and Tell for Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Game 2 was also a short affair and Yamamoto earned a victory in his ninth Grand Prix Top 8.

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