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Italy Wins the World Magic Cup


73 nations became 32. 32 teams became 16, then 8, and then one. That one team is Italy and they are the 2015 World Magic Cup Champions.

Italy, captained by Marco Cammilluzzi and featuring Andrea Mengucci, Francesco Bifero, and William Pizzi, were part of a league of nations that came together to test for the event. Working with Team Brazil, Team Canada, and Team United States, Team Italy was the only one to find themselves in the elimination rounds.

Joining them in the Top 8 were Japan - featuring Hall of Famer Kenji Tsumura and two-time Player of the Year Yuuya Wantanabe; Team France with Pierre Dagen; Team Austria and Valentin Mackl; defending champions Denmark with Martin Mueeller and Martin Dang; returning Top 8 competitor Scotland and Stephen Murray, and Teams from Guatemala and Thailand.

France dispatched Japan before falling to Thailand in the semifinals. Thailand had taken out Denmark in the quarterfinals and handled the 2013 Championship team to secure their place in the finals. Italy took down Scotland in the quarterfinals and then defeated Austria to meet Thailand in the finals. In the end Italy prevailed. After securing the victory they reached across the table to congratulate Thailand on their run to the finals, and the burst into song.

More information on the World Magic Cup can be found on the official coverage page.

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