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Ali Plays Historic Selesnya Enchantress


Welcome back everyone! Today we are playing a Selesnya Control deck that Satoshi Nakayama

Managed to take to a first place finish in the MTGA Zone Championship! This is a deck that sometimes sees play on Arena but it is not always a staple. However, it seems to be a great tournament deck as I've seen these similar lists always do well.

Let us go ahead and look at the decklist!

Time Stamps:

05:45 - Match 1

22:01 - Match 2

35:04 - Match 3

I love the exclusion of Sigil of the Empty Throne, you really do not need it and it tends to be pretty clunky. Destiny Spinner is the only finisher you need, especially alongside a leveled Paladin Class. Like most Enchantress decks in Historic, this deck does run the Solemnity and Nine Lives lock that stops you from dying to damage. Great combo to have against creature-based decks. Against some decks though, this combo is not good enough, mostly against control decks and Lurrus decks. You'll want to cut them for aggressive cards or Rest in Peace. This is a super sweet and fun deck! It is also very competitive. If control is not huge, I definitely would recommend it.

That's it for today, thanks for reading/watching!

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Until next time!

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