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Taking on Timeless with Sultai Show and Tell


Welcome back everyone, today we are adventuring with new cards from Murders at Karlov Manor! This time venturing into Timeless with Legacy all star, Show and Tell. This deck aims to power out Show and Tell as early as turn two with Utopia Sprawl and win off the back of Omniscience combo with Mastermind's Acquisition or just throw down an Atraxa, Grand Unifer. The combo with Omniscience and Mastermind is to find Mastermind, then cast it to grab second Mastermind from the sideboard, then Mastemind Scholar of the Ages to Regrow both Masterminds. After that use first Mastermind to grab Approach of the Second Sun and cast it and then second Mastermind to grab Approach from your deck and cast it again to win. Deck's a bast and very powerful!

Enjoy, here's the list!

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Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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