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Ali Plays Historic Jund Lands


Historic Anthologies II came out recently on MTG Arena and with it the unsuspension of Field of the Dead. People have been playing Bant based Field of the Dead decks from when it was legal in Standard, but I wanted to talk a different route. I wanted to not play Blue and see what I could come up with. Originally, I tried Abzan with Knight of the Reliquary, but Knight surprisingly wasn't that good. So, I cut the White in favor of Red for Escape to the Wilds which helped tremendously. Jund Lands is the deck I used to climb to Mythic with and I had a blast doing so.

This is the list.

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 01:54

Match 2 - 09:45

Match 3 - 28:25

Match 4 - 52:35

The deck plays more lands than spells. Currently it's sitting at 32 lands and that's because you really want to make your land drops. You are trying to get an opening hand with Wayword Swordtooth or Dryad of the Ilysian Grove. I try to mulligan into them. The deck has multiple win conditions in Field of the Dead zombies, Dread Presence / Dryad (can add Scapeshift for a one shot ko), Karn + Platinum Angel + Helm of the Host. It's very resilient against Field of the Dead hate and you can also lock opponent's out with Ghost Quarter + Crucible of Worlds since Ghost Quarter allows you to hit basic lands. Don't forget Drayd allows you to tap any land for any color so you can easily activate Golos if you have 7 mana!

The only things I bring in from the sideboard are 2 Graffdigger's Cage against Kethis. Otherwise I just don't sideboard and leave it as a wishboard for Karn. The deck is pretty sweet and it's the Field deck I've enjoyed playing the most.

Enjoy, until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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