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Ali Plays Alchemy Grixis Despair


Welcome back everyone! We've seen Galvanic Iteration copy powerful cards like Alrund's Epiphany, but now that Alrund's is banned, what about Invoke Despair? This deck was designed to win with Invoke Despair, especially Game 1. We are all in on killing the opponent with Invoke Despair.

Let us go ahead and look at the decklist!

Time Stamps:

03:25 - Match 1

19:47 - Match 2

40:45 - Match 3

Quadruple Black can be hard to get in a three-color deck but I've designed the mana base so you can cast it on time. You can even ramp into a turn five Galvanic Iteration copying Invoke Despair by playing Unexpected Windfall or Key to the Archive on turn four. Our main win condition is Invoke Despair Game 1 but we always have the fall back option of finding Approach of the Second Sun with Key to the Archive as well. Games two and three we can have more threats in Graveyard Tresspasser // Graveyard Glutton and Citystalker Connoisseur but we are still heavily a Despair deck. This is a sweet Grixis deck and one that only looks to get better next set, especially since we get the Grixis Triome!

That is it for today, thanks for reading/watching!

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Until next time!

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