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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Twilight Masquerade available now!
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Finding Fun and Success in Standard with Five-Color Slogurk


Today we are going to talk about the deck I have played the most in Standard by far. It's also the deck that I've had the most success with and fun with. Five-Color Slogurk rewards you heavily for playing it correctly. The deck is just so powerful once it gets going. The idea of the deck is to play your legends and abuse the channel lands with Slogurk and other legends. You also have Relic of Legends to turbo charge you and allow you to go off with Rona. Rona and Inti will let you see a ton of your deck in a given turn, Annie Joins Up is a solid removal spell that is just another catalyst for the deck. Been playing this deck before the Pro Tour and I wouldn't recommend anything else in Standard.

Enjoy, here's the list!

Time Stamps:

02:16 - Match 1

50:10 - Match 2

59:28 - Match 3

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Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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