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Ali Plays Nykthos Eldrazi in Timeless!


We got to play Early Access Modern Horizons 3 thanks to Wizards of the Coast. They gave us a temporary loaded account and this was the best deck I played in Timeless. The addition of Outcaster Trailblazer, Disciple of Freyalise, Deserted Temple, and Fanatic of Rhonas really let us explode in mana and do some very silly and powerful things. I was especially impressed by Fanatic of Rhonas, the card is just basically Nykthos on a creature! Disciple of Freyalise was also very impressive. At worst it was a land and at best it gained us a lot of life and drew a bunch of cards while also giving us three devotion. If you like ramping, you're gonna love this deck!

Enjoy, here's the list!

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Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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