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Ali Plays Izzet Koma


Welcome back everybody! Today we play an Izzet deck featuring Koma, Cosmos Serpent and Indomitable Creativity. This deck was originally being played in the Mythic Championship with Velomachus Lorehold. Wizards banned Time Warp out of that deck, but was it enough? That is what we look into today!

Let us look at the decklist!

Time Stamps:

09:49 - Match 1

25:47 - Match 2

41:01 - Match 3

54:56 - Match 4

Turn four Koma is immensely powerful, it does not end the game as quickly as Velomachus Lorehold could; but, it's not that far behind. It also will not miss. Sometimes Velomachus Lorehold just did not find you that Time Warp. I have the main deck built to combat mirror matches, control decks, and Izzet Phoenix decks. You can switch it around if you are running into more aggressive decks. I am not a big fan of Magma Opus and Mizzix's Mastery but that combo is very good early against the aggressive decks. Deck is powerful and I do recommend it!

Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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