Theros Beyond Death Standard Set Review Featuring Ali Aintrazi
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Standard Golos Ramp


If you read my set review for Core Set 2020, you'll know that Golos is my favorite card from the set. So what better deck to showcase today than the best Golos deck in the world?

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:02:09

Match 2 - 00:08:07

Match 3 - 00:25:07

Match 4 - 00:34:35

Match 5 - 00:49:47

Another masterpiece in the books! This deck is super fun and good, I've been winning with it a lot on MTG Arena. The deck is a five-color ramp deck that abuses Golos in two ways.

  1. Golos makes it so you can tutor Field of the Dead easily, this ensures that if you flood out, it's not so bad because at least you are making zombies. If he lives after finding you the Field of the Dead. He'll create a ton of card advantage.
  2. Your late game is unbeatable since you can take infinite turns with Golos's ability plus Nexus of Fate. When you factor in Wilderness Reclamation, you'll start churning through your deck and casting a lot of free spells. You won't need to take infinite turns though. I find my opponents die in 2-3 turns thanks to the Field of the Dead.

I've been tuning this deck for a while, it's my baby and my favorite deck so far that I've designed for Core Set 2020. I just love ramping...

As always, thanks for reading,

Ali Aintrazi

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