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Ali Plays No Ban Historic Turbo Channel


There's a new event on MTG Arena that is allowing us to play any cards in Historic. That's right, Historic has no bans for two weeks! So, I built a deck with the best card in the format, Channel. This deck is all about getting Channel early as possible to summon Eldrazi or to play Karn and play God-Pharoah's Statue. I built and played this deck on day one, I imagine people will catch on to this deck and when they do, you should play some discard spells in this deck. Until then, enjoy crushing this event with this super fun deck!

Here's the list!

Time Stamps:

02:05 - Match 1

05:31 - Match 2

07:29 - Match 3

10:29 - Match 4

15:59 - Match 5

17:49 - Match 6

20:59 - Match 7

24:40 - Match 8

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Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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