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Ali Plays Historic Bant Doubling Season


With Wilds of Eldraine came Enchanting Tales! We are playing two of the cards from Enchanting Tales today, one is Utopia Sprawl, and the other is the card we built this deck around, Doubling Season. With Doubling Season on the battlefield anytime you play a planeswalkers, the planeswalker will enter the battlefield with double the counters, which in turn will allow many of the planeswalkers to ultimate right away. In fact, in this deck, they all will be able to ultimate right away. The best one to ultimate first is going to be Tamiyo since she draws you three cards and gives you an Omniscience Emblem. Allowing you to combo off and exile all your opponents' cards. The deck also has Fae of Wishes for a quick win with the Mastermind combo! Enjoy the deck, it's a fun one!

Mastermind Combo

Fae for Mastermind - Mastermind for Mastermind - Mastermind for Scholar of the Ages - Regrow both Masterminds - Then wish for Approach twice and win

Here's the list!

Time Stamps:

02:04 - Match 1

07:27- Match 2

19:56 - Match 3

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Until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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