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Possibility Storm Combo in Pioneer


Hello everyone! Today I finally have a good Pioneer brew for you! One small catch is that this video will be a stream highlight and not fully dedicated to YouTube. I was at my sister's wedding this past weekend and just didn't have enough time to record a new video. On the plus side though, this deck is sweet and a blast to play!

Here's the list

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:04:34

Match 2 - 00:28:23

Match 3 - 0037:59

Match 4 - 00:49:07

Match 5 - 01:19:56

This isn't my list but it did well at a Japanese tournament if I'm not mistaken. The deck is a combo deck that tries to get out Possibility Storm then cast a sorcery adventure spell. This will exile the sorcery adventure spell and look for the next sorcery in your deck. Since the only other sorcery in your deck will be Enter the Infinite, you will always hit it if you haven't drawn it already. After drawing your whole deck, you will put one card back and that card will be Borborygmos Enraged. Afterward you will cast a Walking Ballista for 0 which will get exiled by Possibility Storm and the only creature left in your deck will be Borborygmos Enraged so you'll cast that then discard all the lands in your hand to deal a bunch of damage to your opponent and win.

The deck's back up plan is just a Gruul Midrange deck with planeswalkers. Keep in mind that not all your adventures are sorcery speed. Bonecrusher Giant's Stomp spell is instant, so if you cast it with Possibility Storm out you will always hit Shared Summons which should get you a creature with a sorcery speed adventure. It's also possible to play a fair game with Possibility Storm since it can turn your 1-drop creatures into bigger creatures like Glorybringer.

The deck is fun and seems very competitive. It's a small sample size but the ability to play a fair game and combo out of nowhere is very powerful.

As always thanks for reading and I hope you have wonderful weekend!

Ali Aintrazi

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