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Ali Plays Sultai Teachings


It's been a minute since I've played Mystical Teachings, the card has just been way too clunky to play in any format outside of Standard. That is until Wilderness Reclamation came along. With the help of Reclamation, we can cast Teachings and also usually cast the spell we get with Mystical Teachings. If you like a control / toolbox / combo deck, you're going to love this deck!

Let's look at the list

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:01:14

Match 2 - 00:33:21

Match 3 - 01:11:20

Match 4 - 02:11:57

I wasn't the original one who came up with this list; it popped up awhile ago in a deck dump and I just took it and changed like two cards, adding Fact or Fiction and Peek. It's a control deck that becomes a combo deck once you get Wilderness Reclamation going. It may look like you can't combo with Nexus of Fate since you only have one but you can eventually just draw your whole deck where Nexus is the only card thanks to Wilderness Reclamation and Blue Sun's Zenith. You can win through damage using Creeping Tar Pit or Snapcaster Mage and you can win by forcing your opponent to draw their whole deck with Blue Sun's Zenith.

Here's a couple of tricks to keep in mind: you'll want to Teachings for Teachings so that you can keep on casting Mystical Teachings and not run out of gas. Don't forget that you can also Snapcaster Mage your Cryptic Command to counter a spell and return Snapcaster Mage to your hand so that you can flashback another spell. Last trick is the Remand trick where you Remand your own spell to counter your opponent's uncounterable spell or to get around Pact of Negation since Remanding Pact of Negation does nothing.

That's it for me, hope you enjoy the deck and games!

As always thanks for reading and I hope you have wonderful weekend!

Ali Aintrazi

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