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Altered Reality Challenge #4 - Voting!


Welcome to the fourth iteration of the Altered Reality Challenge! In this challenge artists were given the prompt to either season shift a card, or "winter-mogrify" thus transforming it to be clearly a winter theme. This has become our biggest ARC so far with twelve entries!

Last Altered Reality Challenge there were some issues with voting, we've rectified the issues with the voting system.

The three individuals who will be judging this round of Altered Reality Challenge are: Drew Sitte, Andre Garcia, and myself - Trick Jarrett.

That's right, I'll be judging this round of the Altered Reality Challenge!

Now, onto the entries!

Black Wing Studio / Ron Faris

Email · Twitter · Facebook · DeviantArt

Winter is Coming

Description: After half an hour of pouring over Christmas movies looking for inspiration, I came to the realization that winter, for being the season most associated with cold and darkness, sure does have a lot of over-happy films. I decided that I wanted to go in the other direction, and George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones series (and its new HBO TV adaptation) gave me the perfect inspiration. I really feel that as alter artists, we very rarely get to tell a story with our work. I really love that this piece breaks that, and leaves you with an ominous feeling, even if you've never read the books (which I strongly recommend!).

C Martin


Low-Fat Bacon Topped Sundae

Description: A rich 3-d paper chocolate/caramel skeleton coated with a delicious paper iced vanilla glaze in a wonder land of paper winter flavors or a 11 layer 3-d card modified for winter awesomeness

Daniel Torres


Maybe Next Year

Description for Civilized Scholar:

Little Timmy frantically tears one gift to another. He hasn't opened the gifts he wants.

With accusing eyes he stares at his mother. All these gifts are from his aunts.

From the corner of his eyes he spots something curious.

If its not what he wants he would be furious.

He picks up a small purple box, he shakes it, and touches it, and shakes it some more

"Could it be Supah Fox?" Little Timmy says to himself, " the toy I want from my favorite store?"

"It has to be!" Little Timmy says, "Ive been a good boy, Ive gotten good grades"

"Why the cookie jar has been free of my nightly raids"

All the while Little Timmy wonders, snowball his cat hides under the Christmas tree

Timmy's Mother forgets her recent blunders, and smiles at her son a delightful guarantee.

Little Timmy begins to unwrap his gift, but his smile becomes a scowl.

The happy atmosphere begins to lift, his parents begin to hear a growl.

Little Timmy slowly turns around, his face has begun to swell.

Little Timmy's parents see his frown,they know this will not end well.

Description for Homicidal Brute:

His heart grew three sizes and so did his fists.

If only his parents looked at his Christmas lists.

With his rage fueled strength Little Timmy broke the Christmas tree

He let out a scream, like a 7 year old banshee.

snowballs the cat fled, leaving a gift of his own.

His father held his mother and said "We should've of known"

Little Timmy stomped and scream like he has been caged.

Who knew a pair of socks would leave a kid so enraged.

Eric Klug

Email · Twitter · Blog

Description: I've finally got around to working up a submission for an ARC. I'd love the idea behind them and judging the first was a blast. My Mucha-inspired pieces have received a fair bit of praise lately so I thought it prudent to go down that avenue. This was sort of a top-down alteration where I had a specific image in mind and had to find the right canvas for it. I think Path ended up a great fit - especially if you'r opponent searches up a Snow-Covered land.

Geoff Shreiber


Let Me In!

Marina Velo



Miguel Hernandez

Email · DeviantArt · PhotoBucket

Red and the Wolf

Description: Please allow me to introduce myself i am Miguel Hernandez and im still pretty new to altering cards.This is my entry Red and the Wolf, I decided to do a fairy tale style card that would fit with the winter wonder land theme. I hope you enjoy.

Modfly Alters / Brandon Brown

Email · Twitter · Facebook · Blog

Buddy the Elf

Description: Bloodbraid Elf turned into a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.

Nicole Theiss

Email · Husband's Twitter

Frosty's Folly

Description: Frosty needs to be a little more careful which friends he invites over to play.


Email · Facebook · Website

Thomas Parker

Email · Facebook

Tyler Chester


Village Snowsmith / Snowfang

Description: This 3d compilation alter showcases the lighter side of our new furry friends of innistrad, while also building on maro's comments that not only creatures can be flip cards. The changing of the card frame helps tie in the winter feel to the card.

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