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Announcing - T:apped a Magic Webcomic


About two years ago I began brainstorming things I wanted to see on ManaNation. Many of which have happened in the recent few months, with today fulfilling one of the biggest wants - a webcomic.

Just as I feel Magic is very well served with the video podcasts and shows which are becoming more an more common, I also feel that webcomics are a format that Magic has yet to fully embrace. Please don't misunderstand me, there are a number of excellent and quite funny Magic webcomics which are active and which have run their course, but I feel that whereas we've had millions of articles posted about Magic, we are still below 10 or maybe 20 webcomics ever made about Magic.

So today we introduce 'T:apped' which will be a webcomic released on Friday of every week. It is a collaboration between myself and a very talented friend of mine, Andres Garcia. It is collaboration so far as I brought him the initial idea, and I remain involved to run the website and help brainstorm the on going story.

Our webcomic is not a comedic one shot comic, it is a story-line that we are developing and will bring you all into a rich universe with our characters (whom you should all recognize as caricatures of people we know) and a story line guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

So, ready to read the comic? Head over to http://tapped.mananation.com

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