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We Make the Plane, Week 2.9


I asked you to vote on two groups of planes, and now the time has come for us to vote for our final decision. Will our community plane be:

A Dreamworld Contained in the Mind of a Sleeping Planeswalker

Before the mending rewrote what it meant to walk the blind eternities, one creative Planeswalker induced a deep slumber on himself (or herself or itself) and created an entire plane within the realm of his dreams. This Planeswalker specialized in a bardic form of magic that utilized music as its root of power. All seemed to be perfect in this dreamworld—until the sleeping Planeswalker’s spark was suddenly changed. No longer powerful enough to sustain the creative dream-plane, the sleeping Planeswalker is beginning to wake up, spelling disaster for the world thriving within his mind. The inhabitants of the plane, representing the sleeping Planeswalker’s neuroses, personality traits, and mental instabilities, are beginning to wage war with one another as the realm becomes more and more unstable. Planeswalkers used to visit here in order to marvel in the magic of the plane that is rooted in music; however, they now fear that if they cannot cause the plane to stabilize, they will have to flee or be forever trapped within the mind of the waking Planeswalker. Devastating nightmares have also begun to creep their way into the mind of the sleeping one, causing pockets of darkness to cover the dreamscape filled with deadly entities hungry for life. Lush forests thrive, containing all of the sleeping Planeswalker’s joys, while stagnant marshes are filled with memories of his hatred in this dreamlike realm of magic and music.

—or will we find ourselves creating this fierce location as our community?

A World Where Survivors Scrape by on a Post-Apocalyptic Plane

Few remember what caused the destruction of their home world. Some legends speak of vengeful, godlike beings who laid waste to the plane in an act of spite, while others claim that a great war between siblings wielding advanced mechanical technologies left nothing but disaster in its wake. There are even whispers among some smaller pockets of civilization that the destruction of the plane was a last-ditch effort to cleanse the world of an evil ichor. Whatever you believe, the truth of the matter is that life here isn’t easy. The once-steady mana lines within the world have been damaged, no longer consistently flowing as they did in ages past. Small pockets of survivors have established communities within the rubble of forgotten civilizations. Scavengers scour ruins for vital materials to sustain their clans. Mutated monsters ravaged by the fallout of the world stalk the dark corners of every fallen structure. Yet, life continues to thrive on this plane, constantly struggling to forge a new future.


The final vote:

[poll id="378"]

I look forward to seeing which plane we decide on as the setting for our world!

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