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We Make the Plane, Week 9


Welcome Back, My Fellow Community!

Welcome back, everyone! Last time, we voted on the humanoid races inhabiting our world. The votes have been tallied, so allow me to present to you all the final result:

These updates have been added to our live Google doc found here.

Now before we get started, I want to pose a question to you all:

On the #GMWMTP subreddit, JBtheMountie brought up the very valid point that the current storyline submitted for the sand people that we voted on last week, while interesting, did not seem to be a very “red” story. What I want to know is, What do you all think of having the sand people be a U/R-aligned humanoid race? The blue ones are the timekeepers, continuously turning the hourglass whenever the last grain of sand falls. The red ones are the aggressive sand warriors, protecting their ancient dunes.

Original image found here

[poll id="427"]

Keepin’ This Train a-Movin’

Today, we are going to vote on the name of our plane, the tagline for our plane, and the different creatures that will inhabit our plane, and we’ll fill out the rest of the less sentient bodies for our set. What I did was take the submissions you all submitted for different creature types and try to pull out the different types (small creatures, small flying, large, etc.) that either seemed to be popular (submitted by multiple people) or seemed to be ideas that really fit the flavor of the world. What I did not include were creature types like “banana” (even though they did make me laugh). If I learned anything in preparing today's article, it was that you guys like Goats. You really, really, really like Goats. I might even go so far as to say you guys love Goats . . . I had Goats submitted multiple times (more than any other creature type by far) and in multiple colors. But anyway, on with the show!

Naming Our World (and Then Tagging It for Good Measure)

I asked you all to submit names for our plane, and below, I have selected the six names that I felt would best encapsulate the overall dream-plane feeling we are going for. One of the names was submitted fifteen individual times. Now I don’t know if one of you submitted the same idea fifteen times or if you all are working under some hive-mind, Sliver-like magic, but I figured I absolutely had to include that one. So let’s vote, shall we?

[poll id="428"]

I also asked you to submit ideas for taglines for our plane. Below are what I felt best encapsulated the flavor of our world. So let’s decide:

[poll id="429"]

Finally, before we move on to the real meat and potatoes of the article, I want to extend a special recognition to the individual out there who submitted the following ideas for the name and tagline of the plane:

Name: Turd Sandwich

Tagline: Can I at Least Have Mayo?

I have a word for community members like you, and that word is awesome. So give yourself a pat on the back, whoever you are, and sleep soundly tonight, knowing your submission brought a smile to my face.

Creatures of the Dream

I also asked you to submit ideas for non-sentient, non-iconic creatures of the plane, to help flesh out the world.

A couple things are different this week:

  • Out of the three options in the categories below, I am going to take the top two and throw out the bottom one that receives the fewest votes. This will help add diversity to the non-sentient creature base.
  • The descriptions I am providing for these are going to be shorter than normal—a couple lines at best—as there is a lot to get through, and there’s not a ton I can say about a bunch of Goats. (You guys are the best.)

Let’s get started.




These small goats roam the plains of the dream, moving in great herds across the giant fields of golden dream-wheat. I would say that the satyr herd the goats, but that would be like humans herding monkeys—or something . . . 


The wisps can be seen floating throughout the dream. Little is known about their origins or what causes them to drift throughout the plane.


The unicorns of the dream are magnificent creatures to behold. The sleeping Planeswalker saw a unicorn in her youth once, and it is believed that these beautiful creatures were inspired by her memories of that encounter.

[poll id="430"]

Small Flying


Brilliantly-colored moths can be seen fluttering throughout the skies of the dream, releasing rainbow-colored powder with each flap of their stained glasslike wings.


A pegasus is a common sight in the dream, found soaring through the skies in small family groups. Humanoids covet them, as they can be exceptional mounts once they are successfully reared.


Strange dream spirits inhabit this plane. These spirits are actually memories of other beings that the sleeping Planeswalker knew in her earlier life.

[poll id="431"]


Big Cats (Lynx)

Large, spectral, catlike creatures can be found throughout the dream world prowling the plains in search of unsuspecting goat herds. These creatures are powerful and quick predators and should be approached with caution.


Strange rabbit beasts can be found on the outskirts of the plains of the dream world. Though they are roughly humanoid in appearance, these creatures are actually quite feral and can be extremely dangerous.

Goat Beasts

A larger cousin of the smaller plains goat, these beasts are often found serving as alpha males or females for packs of their smaller brethren.

[poll id="432"]

Large Flying


Griffins lead mostly solitary lives, soaring through the dream in search of food. Griffins here have a brilliant plumage ranging in colors across the visible spectrum.


These majestic creatures can rarely be seen flying through the skies of the dream world at dusk in search of the large insects they feed on. While typically docile, these beasts can be quite dangerous if angered.

Winged Goats

The winged goats of the dream are beautiful creatures covered in a fluffy, white wool and beautiful, stark-white plumage. To see one in the wild is considered an omen of good fortune.

[poll id="433"]




There exist humanlike illusion creatures on the dream, masquerading as ideas or memories long forgotten by the sleeping Planeswalker. Little is known about the illusions or what is causing them to manifest on the plane.


Milling about the shores of the dream are groupings of crabs capable of severing a satyr’s arm with a single pincer. It is best to approach these creatures with caution.


The turtles of the dream can be found living within the natural rivers and oceans of the plane. Their shells are highly valued for their use in crafting shields and armor.

[poll id="434"]

Small Flying

Flying Fish

Schools of flying fish can be seen soaring throughout the skies of the dream. While a lone fish can do minimal damage, the real danger lies in their ability to accurately attack as a large, organized group.


Floating through the skies of the dream are the narcomoeba. A type of jellyfish, the narcomoeba are believed to be the living embodiments of the sleeping Planeswalker’s stored memories.

Watcher Eyes

Large eye creatures can be found slowly floating throughout the plane. Always observing everything around them, the eyes serve as spies for the Planeswalker, monitoring all corners of the dream.

[poll id="435"]



The shapeshifters of the world are interesting creatures shrouded in mystery. Continuously undulating between different forms, it is hard to know what such a creature’s true shape is—or if it even has one.


Deep within the oceans of the dream world lie massive krakens. These creatures rarely rise from their deep homes, but when they do, only destruction is found in their wake.


Large sea serpents can be found swimming through the seas and oceans of the dream. Powerful predators, there is little that can escape the wrath of an angry serpent.

[poll id="436"]

Large Flying

Flying Sharks

The apex predators of the dream world, large, white, flying sharks, can be found hunting the skies of the plane. These fearsome creatures can smell blood in the air from great distances, and they’re never too far from a battlefield.

Flying Manta Rays

Often seen floating alongside the flanks of the Tohor?, these majestic creatures are a sight to behold. Powerful flyers, these creatures are masters of the skies of the dream.


The djinn of the dream typically keep to themselves, making homes within the massive clouds rolling through the skies of the plane. When angered, they are known to attack fiercely and without mercy.

[poll id="437"]




Zombies found on this plane are different than zombies of other worlds. These dark creatures are recycled dreams, old memories that have become tattered and taken on lives of their own.


The insects of the dream come in a variety of shapes, each one inspired by a different type of creature that used to cause the sleeping Planeswalker fear when she was a small child.


The skeletons of the dream can be found wandering the swamps, constantly rattling the bones of their bodies and creating an eerie music that permeates the air within their vicinity.

[poll id="438"]

Small Flying


Bat-like creatures with dagger-like claws and teeth, the imps are maniacal creatures known to attack anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them.


Large groups of bats can be heard flying through the night skies of the dream. Though generally peaceful creatures, these bats can make for powerful familiars if they can be caught and trained.


The shades are eerie creatures that drift through the skies of the world on black, shadowy wings. Their touch is known to corrupt flesh on contact.

[poll id="439"]



Original image found here

The twisted wendigo have started creeping up from the bowels of the plane. These terrifying fiends are physical representations of dark memories that had been suppressed by the dreamer.


Large insects on the plane come in a variety of shapes, inspired by individual bugs that caused the sleeping Planeswalker extreme terror when she was a small child.

Banshees (Spirits)

Strange dream spirits inhabit this plane. These spirits are actually bad memories of other evil beings that the sleeping Planeswalker knew in her earlier life.

[poll id="440"]

Large Flying


These scythe-wielding death spirits can be seen soaring through the night skies of the dream world, hunting down memories the sleeping Planeswalker wishes to forget.


These terrifying creatures are the embodiments of dark fears once experienced by the sleeping Planeswalker at the hands of her ancient enemy.


The vampires of the dream silently prowl the night skies in search of unsuspecting victims. Vampires of the dream do not convert their victims, and they are known to drink every drop from their prey, leaving behind dried husks.

[poll id="441"]


The red creatures generally do not have small flyers, so I included an additional creature in the small, nonflying group and will be accepting the three creature types that receive the most votes (instead of the top two).


Shrieker Lizards

These lizards sing a high-pitched, very loud, cicada-like sound. They can sometimes be found following packs of nightmares warning the surrounding creatures like an alarm system.


The efreets are embodiments of the sleeping Planeswalker’s raw emotions. When interacting with one, it is a gamble. You could be dealing with the living love of the sleeper or you could be experiencing the physical embodiment of her wrath.


Original image found here

Salamanders can be found inhabiting the rocky mountain crags of the dream world. These intriguing creatures are known for their ability to breathe a prismatic fire.


The red-aligned goats are more solitary than their white cousins, enjoying lives among the rocky mountains of the plane.

[poll id="442"]


The red creatures already have a large, iconic flyer, so I included an additional creature in the large, nonflying group and will be accepting the three creature types that receive the most votes (instead of the top two).


The hellions of the plane are the embodiments of anger and wrath. For you to fight one willingly is a foolish decision that will be paid for with your life.

Sand Elementals

Created by the sand people inhabiting the dreamy desert wastes, the sand elementals are fiercely powerful creatures, capable of moving at impossibly fast speeds.


Original image found here

Impulsive creatures, the lammasu are known to erupt into deadly rages at seemingly little to no provocation. The lammasus have large, lion-like bodies covered in rippling orange and yellow fur. Their bodies are supported by six powerful legs ending in sharp claws.

Goat Beasts

These powerfully large creatures are much more aggressive than their plains-living cousins. Dominating the dangerous mountain ranges they call home, these creatures have powerful horns they can use with deadly accuracy.

[poll id="443"]


The green creatures do not have a small flyer, so I included an additional creature in the small, nonflying group and will be accepting the three creature types that receive the most votes (instead of the top two).



Leaping from branch to branch throughout the dream woods, these furry critters can be extremely mischievous alone, and they’re extremely deadly in numbers.


The snakes of the dream can be found slithering through the undergrowth of the dream. Representing the sleeping Planeswalker’s fear of snakes, these creatures are exaggerated to appear more imposing than one typically encountered.


The spiders of the dream scurry amid the undergrowth of the plane. These furry critters are born from the sleeping Planeswalker’s arachnophobia.


Original image found here

Beautiful elemental creatures born from flowers, these small critters scurry throughout the dream forests. Often found alongside the druids that call the dream woods home, these little creatures are known to be extremely friendly.

[poll id="444"]


The green creatures do not have a large flyer, so I included an additional creature in the large, nonflying group and will be accepting the three creature types that receive the most votes (instead of the top two).


Deep within the dream woods of this world live massive Ents composed of the forest itself. These creatures are fierce protectors of their homes, stopping at nothing to ensure the safety of the forests.


Trolls can be found deep within the dream woods of the plane hunting all sorts of insects to munch and crunch on in a never-ending quest to fill their stomachs. Be cautious when approaching trolls, as they are known to eat almost anything they can get their claws on.


Large spiders inhabit the dream wood, which gets its name from the gigantic dream-catcher-like webs that these creatures spin. It is believed by some that there is a dreamweaver spider for each sentient creature on the plane, and in its web can be found the dreams of that individual.


Coiling through the massive forests of the dream world are massive wurms capable of unparalleled destruction. These winding monstrosities are feared for their single-minded ferocity.

[poll id="445"]

Closing Remarks

Phew! That was a lot. As always, a big thank you so much to everyone who has been involved in this project so far. The content we are generating is more than I could have hoped for, and I am looking forward to seeing the results of these polls as we create this world together.


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