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Today, I thought I would try something a little different. In this article, I am going to tell a story through mixed media. If you enjoy flavorful deck ideas and creative writing, this article is for you. If you are looking for a breakdown of the Standard metagame or some other form of mechanical synergy breakdown mumbo-jumbo, I have some bad news . . . you might be a Melvin. I’m sorry.

Still here? Ah . . . You must be a Vorthos; welcome, friend! By using a combination of writing and flavorful deck-building, I am going to share with you today the tale of a particularly gifted vedalken named Alcanus:

Alcanus is a vedalken from Mirrodin who loves to research anything and everything about his home. He is known among even the vedalken to be among the best and most thorough research scientists on the plane. Alcanus is so well respected among his peers that he has been recently selected to oversee the research being conducted on a large darksteel reactor capable of producing an unlimited supply of energy. The problem Alcanus has to figure out is how to keep the reactor sufficiently charged . . .

While performing a standard walk down outside one of his research spires, Alcanus discovered a strange, slick of oil floating atop the surrounding sea of quicksilver . . .

Fascinated by this strange substance, Alcanus became determined to understand the origins of the oil, and he set out to do what he does best: research.

Oil, and Its Effects on Rattus Norvegicus ? Casual | Ant Tessitore


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