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Archenemy T-Shirt Give Away Winners!


As announced earlier this week, we've wrapped up our Give Away! Thank you to everyone who entered! We wish we could give you all a prize, but unfortunately we are unable to.


First off, thank you to Wizards of the Coast PR team for providing us these awesome shirts to give away to our fans. Secondly, thank you to our sponsors CoolStuffInc for providing two additional prizes for us to give away.

T-Shirt Winners

Instant Twitter Response Winner

Wins a Large Archenemy T-Shirt

Jonathan C. of Louisville, KY

This One's For the Ladies

This lucky lady wins a Large Archenemy T-Shirt

Stephanie M. of Cary, NC

2X via Twitter

Wins a XXL Archenemy T-Shirt


2X Via Facebook

Wins a XXL Archenemy T-Shirt

Lauren L. of New York City

3X via Twitter

Wins a XXXL Archenemy T-Shirt


Duels of the Planeswalkers Decks

Jace + Chandra


Garruk + Liliana

Danny T. of Berryville AR

Both of these come with two M10 booster packs as well.

Deck Builder's Toolkit

An unopened Deck Builder's Toolkit

Surprise! I had one of these laying around and decided to throw it in as a prize. Congrats to the winner!


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