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Unusual Magic Art


No, this is not about the art on the cards as awesome as it usually is. A friend pointed me to a post on geekdo.com who shared a number of stunning geometric figures composed entirely of Magic cards. The poster, 'Jack van Riel' who goes by 'purplewurple' does some stunning stuff by interlocking Magic cards. Check it out.



But he's not alone in unique art, at the 2004 World Championships Seishiro Ookubo got a great deal of attention for his artwork that used six of the same Magic card to generate stunning pieces with depth of people's favorite Magic cards. So sit back and enjoy the unusual art people have created with Magic cards. He seems to have faded out of the public eye, no online posts have popped up since 2008 with the exception of this and a post over at MTG-Realm.



Then there are the crafty people. People like my friend (and ManaNation fan) Renee 'the Domestic Scientist.' She's gotten a bit busy in life, but she does some amazing stuff, look at these three examples.


Do you guys know of other unusual Magic artists? Leave a comment!

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