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Brainstorm Brewery #89 – Brews and Ale


It's a podcast mishmash as Houston Whitehead (@TNSGingerAle) from Tap 'n' Sac drops by to talk about scumbaggery, his article series on Brainstorm Brewery, and podcasting. How can you deal with a dealer who is severely underpricing cards in his or her case not knowing they went up? How do you make sure your trade partner doesn't come down with a case of the feel-bads? In general, what kind of ethics should traders observe, and who even trades anymore?

Houston comes correct with Picks of the Week, the Magic Online prerelease shook things up, and there is even some crow to be eaten. Who is the second victim of the I-heard-this-from-a-judge, bad-information plague? What card did the Japanese bust wide open? What is “Financial 5” anyway? Find out the answer to all these and more on an episode of your favorite podcast that will have you asking, “How long should we remember the name of cards like Hellrider anyway?” Join us for Brainstorm Brewery.

"Top quality financial information and innovative deck brewing!"


You can subscribe to the show via the RSS feed for Brainstorm Brewery or on iTunes. You can also download this week's episode.

  • Houston Whitehead is our special guest (@TNSGingerAle).
  • The Photoshop contest winners need prizes. We decided! It's play mats!
  • Pick of the Week is all about Modern, and some are better than others.
  • Got pics of you wearing our shirt or using our mat? Send them in for a chance at a prize!
  • The address is brainstormbrew at gmail dot com.
  • Find more of Houston at Tap 'n' Sac or TNS Ginger Ale

Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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