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Lorcana Ursulas Return Singles available now!
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Buehler being Replaced by Rich Hagon in 2010


Randy Buehler, long time Pro Tour webcaster announced via his Twitter feed that Worlds 2009, from Rome, will be his last tournament in the booth alongside Brian David-Marshall. He is to be replaced by Rich Hagon the official podcaster for the tournaments.

Buehler was a Vice President for Wizards before he was let go last year, but he remained on in his webcasting role. He is also a member of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame though he is not allowed to compete so long as his wife remains employed at Wizards.

He now works for Mind Twist Games alongside Dr. Richard Garfield working on a yet to be released online game.

The webcasts are an integral part of the enjoyment of the Pro Tour for those unable to attend in person. Upcoming this month is the Magic World Championships in Rome, Italy.

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