Detective: L.A. Crimes Expansion
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Watcher on the Wall


For many years, Mono-White Aggro has been a thing in Pauper. The deck has some of the most efficient removal in Sunlance and Journey to Nowhere. Squadron Hawk and Kor Skyfisher do a great job of helping generate card advantage and fill out your curve. The deck was always good, but never great. The raw efficiency of removal and power of cards like Mulldrifter stopped the deck from being a truly dominant force. In recent years, we’ve had a few printings that shifted the deck away from fair creatures and towards tokens, but even then it lacked the power to really dominate the metagame. That may be about to change:

This is a deck that leans heavily on the power of Triplicate Spirits and Battle Screech. These two cards combine with your early creatures and Raise the Alarm to help you flood the board with tokens. This strategy is already reasonable in a format that’s all about efficient spot removal and edict effects. However, you can steal early games with Ramosian Rally and Guardians' Pledge pumping your team for huge damage.

That’s all well and good, but cards exist to beat up on this deck. Scattershot Archer, Electrickery, Nausea, and more. Even just removal spells and high toughness fliers can be a huge problem for this deck to fight through. Enter Keep Watch. This card lets you flood the board in the early turns with little fear, because you can reload for three or more cards as early as turn three. Now you don’t have to be afraid to throw away attackers into bad attacks, since you can just reload. Sure, some sideboard cards are still brutal, but Lumithread Field goes a long way towards minimizing the power of Scattershot Archer and company.

Add to this your ability to use Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant to fight against beatdown decks, as well as Hydroblast and Prismatic Strands to beat red sweepers, and this is a deck with a lot of raw power and resiliency. You could even try to go a little bigger against more attrition-oriented matchups with something like Shared Discovery. All told, this is a powerful, proactive deck that seems like a great entry point to Pauper for anyone who’s interested in token tricks.

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