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Contents of From the Vault: 20 Revealed!


Earlier this year, Wizards announced a special From the Vault product to celebrate Magic's twentieth anniversary - From the Vault: 20. All we were told was that there would be one card from a tournament-winning deck for each year of Magic's history. Then they showed us a FTV:20 Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Today, Gavin Verhey shared the rest of the contents of From the Vault: 20, and Jace is just the beginning. There are plenty of old cards that are getting awesome new art or being printed in foil for the first time. Wizards told us that this would be an exciting product, and they certainly did not dissappoint. Check out the twenty cards Wizards has chosen to represent twenty years of Magic, and head over to Gavin's article on DailyMTG.com to see the historic decks these cards come from and check below to see the new art some of our old favorites are getting:

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