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Hoist the Colors


One of the big themes of Ixalan that we haven't really seen pay off in Standard are the various tribes. We haven't really seen Dinosaurs, Vampires, or Merfolk show up in any meaningful way. That said, we've still got another set to see the tribal themes really pay off, and as we head into preview season, some players have started exploring which tribes might be just a card or two off of being a real Standard competitor:

Fathom Fleet Captain
Efficient creatures backed up by efficient disruption has always been a recipe for success. This deck hopes to utilize Metallic Mimic as a lord so that you can curve out with evasive or disruptive threats like Kitesail Freebooter and Hostage Taker. Siren Stormtamer lets you protect your threats from opposing removal spells, while Fathom Fleet Captain gives you some staying power.

Walk the Plank and Fatal Push are the core of your removal suite. These are the two most efficient removal spells in the format for an aggressive deck with a low land count. Lookout's Dispersal is a better Mana Leak in this deck, and lets you stay ahead of opponents who are leaning on more expensive haymakers to swing the game in their favor. Siren's Ruse lets you rebuy Hostage Taker triggers or swap what card is under your Kitesail Freebooter, all while netting you a card.

If this deck is any indication, Pirates only need a little extra support from Rivals of Ixalan to become a competitive Standard archetype. If the first week or preview season has been any indication, Standard may turn into an incredible high seas adventure.

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