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Conceal the Rainbow


For a couple of months, Eldrazi were the metagame-defining strategy in Modern. Even after the banning of Eye of Ugin, various takes on Bant and Green-Red Elrazi were very real contenders in the metagame. However, those decks have sort of fallen out of favor in recent weeks, while another colorless build has been gaining popularity. It looks like Aether Revolt has giving this deck another powerful tool, and we could be seeing much more of this tentacly, world devouring tribe in the near future:

Basilisk Collar
The idea here is relatively straightforward. With Eye of Ugin out of the picture, Urza lands give you more ways to potentially power out gigantic Eldrazi ahead of schedule. Sure, you still don’t get the crazy Eldrazi Mimic draws anymore, but turn three Tron still lets you cast Endbringer or Matter Reshaper plus Thought-Knot Seer. The best part? You still get to play Eldrazi Temple, so you don’t even have to hit Urzatron to start ramping out giant monsters.

This has been a reasonably popular take on the Eldrazi archetype since Eye of Ugin was first banned, with some lists opting to play the likes of Bojuka Bog and Oblivion Sower, some going all the way up to Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, and others trending more towards traditional Urzatron decks but with Thought-Knot Seer.

The key to this particular build is Aether Revolt lets you swap Hangarback Walker for Walking Ballista. This may not seem like a huge deal at first blush. After all, Hangarback is way better in midrange games and certainly fills in random spots on your curve better, since you can try to fit in activations. However, Modern is a format all about one-toughness creatures. From Inkmoth Nexus and Noble Hierarch to Steel Overseer and Thalia, there are a huge number of decks highly dependent on very fragile creatures. If you can resolve an early Walking Ballista for two or three counters, you can frequently end games before they really start against some of these decks.

And that’s not counting the ability to throw Basilisk Collar into the mix! Basilisk Collar plus large creatures gives you a gameplan against burn and lets your Matter Reshapers start trading up with Tarmogoyfs and Death's Shadows. If you ever manage to get a Basilisk Collar on a Walking Ballista, you can just start mowing down all the relevant creatures on the board and force your opponent to find something to break it up.

This is a deck that plays a lot of powerful cards, and isn’t over-reliant on assembling early Urzatron. The addition of Walking Ballista makes you much more able to interact with the more proactive decks in the format, and ought to make this a much more consistent player in the metagame moving forward.

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