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Death's Shadow has proven itself to be one of the premier threats in Modern. The raw efficiency of Death's Shadow combined with efficient disruption like Stubborn Denial and Fatal Push is enough to give any opponent fits. Despite its periods of dominance in Modern, we still have yet to see Death's Shadow make a big splash in Legacy. Maybe this list can start to change that:

Death's Shadow
In Legacy, you still have access to Street Wraith and Gitaxian Probe. You also get to pick up better cantrips in Brainstorm and Ponder, as well as cheaper disruption in Force of Will and Daze. That said, the strategy is effectively the same as it is in Legacy. Death's Shadow and Gurmag Angler are your primary threats, backed up by the cheapest disruption you can find.

The fact that all of your threats and interaction cost 1 mana, combined with the high density of cantrips and cyclers, means that you can play an incredibly low land count - just 17 including Wastelands. While your opponents will struggle to cast their Tarmogoyfs, Stoneforge Mystics, and True-Name Nemesises, you don't mind being stuck on just one or two lands.

This deck is going to struggle in a metagame with lots of copies of Swords to Plowshares, since Swords can threaten to kill multiple copies of Death's Shadow or just undo all the work you've done to lower your own life total. That said, in metagames where White isn't as highly represented, this deck plays as an interesting hybrid between Delver of Secrets variations and Infect, with cards like Berserk and Temur Battle Rage giving you the ability to just kill opponents out of nowhere if you're inclined to play with them.

If you're looking for an edge in matchups that are principally based around Deathrite Shaman and Lightning Bolt, then perhaps Death's Shadow is the large threat that will give you the edge.

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