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Bogles has been a strong, fringe strategy in Pauper for several years now, largely due to the printing of Ethereal Armor. However, while your hexproof threats are a great way to punish decks that are over-reliant on spot removal, there are a myriad of hate cards that make your life absolutely miserable, ranging from Moment's Peace to Leave No Trace. That said, Kazuya has found a way to ensure that even the most anemic draws can present a blisteringly fast clock:

Ethereal Armor
This deck is not built to be as fast as the traditional Bogles deck, as evidenced by the lack of one-drop creatures and Ancestral Mask. Instead, this deck is built to leverage many of the same advantages, but mitigate inconsistencies. One of the big drawbacks to Bogles is that you'll occasionally have draws that have too many hexproof creatures and just a Rancor or Utopia Sprawl to back them up.

This deck cuts the hexproof creatures in favor of Yavimaya Enchantress and Aura Gnarlid. The idea here is pretty straightforward. With early copies of Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth serving as acceleration, you can easily cast an Aura Gnarlid or Yavimaya Enchantress on the second or third turn of the game that are resilient to cards like Disfigure and Skred. From there, cantripping auras like Abundant Growth let you churn through your deck looking for cheap haymakers while incidentally turning your Aura Gnarlids into monstrous threats. Once you've run out your mana auras, all of your threats will be enormous; you'll never have to start rebuilding from square one if your opponent answers your threat.

Another strength of this deck is that you're playing both Abundant Growth and Nylea's Presence. This may not seem like much, but it makes it much easier for you to splash powerful sideboard cards as answers to sideboard cards that are particularly good against auras. In particular, cards like Flaring Pain give you answers to hate cards that have traditionally just ended the game, such as Moment's Peace and Circle of Protection: Green.

If you're looking to play Bogles, but are worried about getting crushed by powerful sideboard cards or hands that are too heavy on auras or creatures, then maybe this is the deck for you.

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