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Out of Hand


Modern is in a weird place right now. With the rise of br Hollow One, You have to be prepared to be Burning Inquiry-ed on the first turn of the game. Realistically though, how much can you do to prepare yourself for the possibility of randomly discarding all of your lands? Today, MaestroDobis answers that question:

Loxodon Smiter
This is a deck that wants nothing more than to play against all the Burning Inquiry and Kolaghan's Command decks in the format, which seems like a pretty great place to be, honestly. When your opponent is playing Burning Inquiry, all of your Loxodon Smiters and Wilt-Leaf Lieges have the possibility of being completely free. As likely as your opponent is to cheat Hollow Ones into play, you’re just as likely to get free creatures out of the deal. Similarly, if your opponent is trying to value you out with Liliana of the Veil or Kolaghan's Command, you can just cheat a giant monster into play and punish them. You could even go deeper out of the sideboard with Obstinate Baloths if you were so inclined.

Of course, the real question is whether or not the rest of the deck holds up against decks that don’t give you opportunities to cheat threats into play. Jacob Wilson put up a Pro Tour Top 8 with a very similar deck, and the context of the format has only gotten better. The idea is that you’re playing minimal disruption to buy yourself time to beat down. You don’t need a bunch of Thoughtseizes and Abrupt Decays like a Jund deck since you’re just trying to beat down faster. You have mana creatures to help you get your big threats into play fast, Lingering Souls to go wide against removal decks, and Gavony Township to help ensure that even your Spirit tokens and mana creatures are real threats going into the late game.

If you’re looking for a way to get get on the right side of variance against Burning Inquiry decks or expect to see a ton of Kolaghan's Commands, this seems like a stellar deck choice to get your opponents good.

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