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Up in the Air


Mono-Red was the aggro deck that defined Standard before Dominaria hit. In the wake of Dominaria, things are very different. There are all manner of new and exciting things to try, and one of them is this whacky Mono-Blue deck from NebraskaBrandon which may well be a new aggressive baseline for the format:

Tempest Djinn
There are a lot of exciting and powerful Blue cards in this format, but while most people are exicted about Teferi, Hero of Dominaria, NebraskaBrandon wants to find out what Tempest Djinn can do in a deck with 23 Islands. The idea here is pretty straightforward. You've got a bunch of powerful one- and two-drops in Blue, ranging from Siren Stormtamer to prevent removal spells to Warkite Marauder to get opposing creatures out of the way. You've also got evasive one-drops that aren't played here, such as Artificer's Assistant, Mist-Cloaked Herald, and Slither Blade. These cards team up with effects like Curious Obsession and Favorable Winds to present a quick clock that your opponent will struggle to deal with if they don't have Fumigate or some other sweeper. Even if they do have sweepers, your follow ups are great now that you have Tempest Djinns, which scale with the length of the game as well as Dreamcaller Sirens to force them through.

What's really exciting is that there are multiple ways to build this deck. You can go even lower to the ground with more one-drops and play Throne of the God-Pharaoh in place of or in addition to Favorable Winds. It's refreshing to see a new aggressive deck that looks like it has the tools to compete in this format, especially one that attacks in such a different way from the Red decks that we're used to.

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