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Bombs Away


The combination of Auriok Salvagers and Lion's Eye Diamond is nothing new in Legacy. The original Bomberman Combo involved Auriok Salvagers and Black Lotus, and was typically assembled via Oath of Druids, since that has the potential to find you both pieces immediately. The combo hasn't found much traction in Legacy because Lion's Eye Diamond gives you much less wiggle room given that you have to discard your hand. That said, A ton of new and exciting cards have been printed since people seriously looked at Auriok Salvagers, and Bamboozled has recently shown that there may be something there:

Auriok Salvagers
This is yet another crazy Ancient Tomb/City of Traitors deck, and this one seems really exciting. You've got all manner of crazy things that you can do. There is, of course, the obligatory Chalice of the Void to lock out opposing decks that are over-dependent on Brainstorm and Ponder to be able to do anything. The backup plan for this deck is what's really interesting.

It doesn't take much to imagine a turn one Karn, Scion of Urza with this deck. Ancient Tomb, Lotus Bloom, and Mox Opal is most of the way there. Karn does a great job of ensuring you find enough threats to power through control decks while also giving you the potential to just beat down with tokens. You also have the possibility of playing a turn one or two Monastery Mentor and following it up with a deluge of baubles to make bunch of monks. The fact that your Urza's Baubles and Mishra's Baubles cantrip to help you find enough spells to prowess your opponent to death on the following turn is a pretty big upside.

Then, of course, there's the combo plan. If you can cast Karn, Scion of Urza on the first turn, then you can certainly cast an Auriok Salvagers. If the last artifact your had to turn on Mox Opal was Lion's Eye Diamond, then I guess you've found your combo. Traditionally, you'd win with Pyrite Spellbomb from this position, generating infinite White mana by looping Lion's Eye Diamond with Auriok Salvagers and then using your White mana to make infinite Red mana. This build eschews that plan in favor of Walking Ballista, which is a much better card when you aren't ready to combo off. Of course, you won't always be guaranteed to have a Walking Ballista when you have your combo. In that case, you can loop an Urza's or Mishra's Bauble so that you can draw a bunch of cards on your opponent's upkeep and then combo off on the following turn.

If you're looking for an all-in deck that just wins the game instead of playing haymakers like Blood Moon, this deck may be worth looking in to. It does some powerful things, and the payoff of just winning the game should not be undervalued.

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